Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 Simple Ways To Put On Makeup

Simple Ways To Put On Makeup

10 Simple Ways To Put On Makeup
10 Simple Ways To Put On Makeup

In the daily routine, we often bothered with makeup. Maybe we have more time to apply makeup in front of mirror in the morning. But sometimes we do not have more time to apply makeup for example, when we're at work, on the way with the car, and others.

Here are 10 simple ways to put on makeup with maximum results.

1. Use concealer with a lighter color than foundation color. Apply concealer on any blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

2. Choose a foundation color that matches the color of the skin. Apply all over the face and neck and then blend it with a sponge so evenly.

3. Use loose powder / powder foundation and concealer to be more durable.

4. Tidy up your eye brows using a brow brush for the eyes.

5. Choose eyeshadow with 3 colors: light, medium, and dark. Use dark eyeshadow just on the line of the upper eyelid lashes. Next use the medium color on the eyelid crease and the lightest at the top of the bone under the eye brow.

6. Use eyeliner on the top of the eye (near the top lashes) and the bottom of the eye (near the bottom lashes). You can use pencil or liquid eyeliner.

7. Use mascara on the top lashes and bottom lashes. You can choose dark colors like black, brown or navy.

8. Use blush on your cheeks. Apply blush-on following the cheekbones in order to produce the perfect cheek color.

9. Use lipstick with a color that suits your skin. You also can combine the color of a lipstick with the color of clothes and your mood.

10. Line shape of your lips should be done after applying lipstick. So it looks more perfect. Do not combine dark lipstick pencil with pale lipstick.


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