Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Draw Eyebrows, Appropriate To The Shape Of The Face

How to draw eyebrow
How to draw eyebrow
Oval Face 
Not difficult to get a suitable eyebrow shape, if you have an oval shaped face. Simply avoid flat eyebrow shape so glance of the eye does not look sleepy and lethargic. Draw horizontal eyebrows with a softer curve. This will give off a delicate and extremely female look to the oval face.

Solution: Using the technique of tweezing (with tweezers), eyebrow trimming to form a peak or peaks parallel to the eye. Do not forget, eyebrow color should be adjusted with the color of hair, so it looks harmonious.

I recommend, shapes and trim back your eyebrow once in two weeks. And adjust to the growth progress of eyebrow.

Square Face
Distinctively a broad forehead and jaw bones are misaligned, and has the form of a horizontal chin when a straight line drawn on the outside of the face.

Solution: In order to look slimmer face and chin look pointy, thin eyebrows made ​​form high angle (peak eyebrows raised) by threading techniques (threads). End of the eyebrow is also made longer with a size of about 45 degrees from the corner of the eye.

Eyebrow shape widens in front and lengthwise at the end so the face look slimmer

Tips : 

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit Set With Stencil
NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit
 Set With Stencil
  • The normal distance between the brow is aligned straight up from the nostrils.
  • Eyebrows should not be shaved with a knife, because it will leave dark spots caused by the roots of an uprooted hairs. We recommend, trim with tweezing techniques (tweezers) or threading (threads).
  • Use techniques waxing, if eyebrow shape is neat, for cleaning of the new feathers grow.

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