Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Make Long Lasting Makeup

Make up
For active women like you, wearing makeup has become a daily ritual. But often the problem is the heat, the sweat, to oily skin that can make makeup easily fade.

To be attached to a perfect makeup all day, choose products with the latest technology, and follow the tricks and tip below :

The Basic 
Clean face first and use a spray face. Clean skin will make more perfect makeup attached to the face.
After wearing moisturizer, leave for ten minutes. The goal is that more moisturizer soak into the skin before applying foundation, so it does not quickly fade.
Choose a foundation that contains a special formulation and more durable. If in doubt, use a foundation one tone lighter than the color of skin, then use a darker powder to form the contours of the face. Thus, your makeup will not 'spotted' at the start decaying.

Avoid washing the face with raw water due to the dirty water can clog the pores and affect the outcome of makeup.

Eye Makeup

  • Use eye makeup primer as the basis for a smoother texture eyelids before eye shadow smeared.
  • Choose a waterproof eyeliner that is more resistant to sweat and damp air.
  • Likewise with the mascara. Choose waterproof mascara will make lashes thick tapering and a day without having to touch up many times.
  • Brush eye shadow with a combination of types
  • Cream and powder.
  • For makeup eyebrows, in addition to using an eyebrow pencil, you can brush eye shadow with a thin brush to make it look more natural. Use a little hairspray to set the eyebrows that look more textured and lasting all day.

Better to use liquid eyeliner as 4 times longer lasting than pencil eyeliner.

Apply a cream-based makeup first, followed by a textured powder makeup products. So, apply a cream blush and shading before applying powder.
For maximum effect, brush a powder blush tone color brighter than using a large brush.
Quality brushes make more stick blusher.

Apply foundation on the lips and Put a little powder before using lipstick lips liner to frame it in place.
Choose a matte lipstick because it has the ability to last longer than lipstick that contains a glossy effect.
Say goodbye to the lipstick always fade quickly. Frame lips with lips liner before applying lipstick.


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