Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Mistake That Can Ruin Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Relationship
Before deciding to run a long distance relationship, you have to understand what should, and should not be done to save the relationship. Because even if you have been turned upside down to maintain a relationship in order to stay happily-ever-after, sometimes "pebbles" that led to the little quarrels still happen. What are counts as "pebbles"? Read this article.

Too much complaining
As an independent woman, you must be used to solve the problem yourself and minimize a complaint. I understand, when the frequency of communication with him is starting rare, you have a great tendency to be frequently complained to him; starting looking for him all the time to get angry. Well, you are not prohibited to do so. But you are prohibited if the portion that exceeds the limit, because after a long time he will felt frustrated and tired of listening to you.

Forgot To Notify
You do not often met, the phone only once a day. In this connection, you are required to work harder? It really is. Always update your daily life to him. Do not forget to notify, then the mood that has been maintained since the morning was shattered. Worse yet, when you try to explain the reasons why you forgot informs, that he even accuse you're practicing writing.

And you know dear, decided to cover something from him it will bring a lot of trouble later. He became even more difficult to believe in you, easily suspicious, or even worst ... started taking lied too.

Over Protective
You'll want to foster a sense of mutual trust in one another. It became the key to success when undergo a long distance relationship. Because without it, the same as foster a sense of overprotected into your relationship that is clearly open an opportunities the quarrels occurred.


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