Friday, October 26, 2012

Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup

How To Apply Sequin Dotted Eye

Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup
Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup
There is a new alternative to beautify the appearance of your eyes. When you're tired of playing with the eyeshadow colors, or are you bored with eye makeup is always monotone, sequins could be your choice!.

By applying dotted color, you can look different from other women and become the center of attention. Choose colors that suit the time you use it, for example, at night choose the color gold, and for day or evening you can choose the calm color as light blue or pink.

Here's one cool eye makeup application is a favorite at some of the latest fashion week. With a semi-circular shape, which is generally colored metallic application is successful the center of attention on makeup. Interested in using sequins for the eyes? Come on, follow the steps below:

Sequin Dotted Eye
Sequin Dotted Eye 

  1. Wear nude color eyeshadow on your eyelids as a base color.
  2. Apply eye shadow color to match colored sequins that you want to wear, at the corner of the eyes.
  3. Mascara brush bristles to beautify your eyes.
  4. For the application of sequins, you can select beads with your favorite colors. Cut beads into two parts.
  5. Stick it on the top half of your eyelids, and the other half in the bottom of the eyelash glue.
  6. Complete your look with a nude lipstick or pink sequins on the eyes in order to look more prominent.

Good luck!

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