Monday, October 29, 2012

Step by Step Applying Eye Shadow

Applying Eye Shadow

Although often wear eye shadow, not necessarily you apply it un-correctly. Though the use of eye shadow with precise and neat to be key in the formation of a perfect eye.

The following tips will teach you how to decorate your eyes with eye shadow.

Eye Shadow Brush

Variety of eye shadow brush
Variety of eye shadow brush
Good brush be the key to perfection using eye shadow. Do not hesitate to invest in having the best make-up brushes. Brush of fur better than synthetic brushes. Natural brush to perfectly blend eye shadow around the eyes.

Apply eye shadow brush
Apply eye shadow brush


Eye Skin color is usually darker than other skin. In order color eye shadow does not change when applied to the eye, then you have to neutralize the eye color using concealer.

Apply Concealer
Apply Concealer

Eye Shadow Base

Eye Shadow Base
Eye Shadow Base
The secret to long-lasting eye shadow is to apply eye shadow base before using eye shadow. Base eye shadow slightly oily texture, so perfect eye shadow can stick in the eye. You can change the base eye shadow with petroleum jelly. Apply eye shadow base or petroleum jelly on the crease of the eye using the fingers, so as not to clot. However, if you are using a kind of creamy eye shadow, eye base shadow no longer used.

Apply Eye Shadow Base
Apply Eye Shadow Base

Apply Eye Shadow

Choose a color of eye shadow according to the needs and events. Eye shadow shades of brown, pink and peach are suitable for daytime looks and make-up work. As for the party you can use black, or shades of eye shadow colors. Whatever color you choose, you should know how to apply:
  • Use bright colors or younger at the crease of the eye using a small eye shadow brush.
  • Use a medium color in the middle of the eye. Mix colors together with the larger brush, so as not to be seen the line of demarcation between the color of light and medium.
  • Use a dark eye shadow on the outside of the eye, making the eye contour more noticeable. Apply using a small brush.
  • Apply a light color right on the brow bone using a small brush. It makes it look more presentable shape eyebrows and brow bones become more prominent.
  • Finish by using eye liner to reinforce the eyelashes. Lastly, use a mascara that lashes become more slender.


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