Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Celebrity Diet Secrets

Diet Plans by Celebrities

Celebrity Diet Secrets
Celebrity Diet Secrets
Looking at the body of Hollywood celebrities are certainly often makes you curious. Makes you wonder what the heck is the secret of their sexy bodies. Well, do not be envious once, to get a charming body shape required intensive training and a strict diet. I found a variety of techniques performed by their diet. So, let's listen to how they maintain body shape.

Juice diet by January Jones
In preparing for her role as Emma Frost in the new X-Men movie, January Jones managed to lose weight to get down to two dress sizes, wow! The trick? By restricting food and consume only fresh juice and raw vegetables only. Yeah he's really dedicated.

Free day diet by Katy Perry
In preparation for a world tour that will be lived, Katy Perry doing a diet plan strictly. With intensive physical exercise which he more or less similar to a series of training for the Olympics. However, this georgeous woman still has a diet-free day on Sunday, when he can eat burgers.

Detox diet by Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth is now following a detox diet program daily diet consisted of two glasses of liquid meals plus a few vegetables, chicken and soba. This program will be very effective if followed for three weeks, you know. If you follow this program then you should forget about the habit of drinking coffee, because it requires you to be free of caffeine.

Raw food diet by Britney Spears
Following in the footsteps Katie Holmes, Britney tried to reduce fat deposits with a consume only raw foods. Womanizer singer is eating raw vegetables including seaweed, marinated in olive oil with coconut, papaya, or pancake made ​​from whole grains. No pain, no gain!

Blood Type Diet by Cheryl Cole
Well, with a proportional body shape, Cheryl actually did not need to lose weight. But to keep him healthy and keep him still excellent condition, he followed a diet based on blood type found Dr. Peter D'Adamo is Eat Right for Your Type.

By Beyonce's maple syrup diet
Bootylicious woman can keep every curve of her body were fabulous with just drinking maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and water. Without consuming anything. Drinking fluids is as much as six to nine times a day was able to make the weight down to 10kg in just 2 weeks. Errr, sounds terrible, right?

Dietary St.Tropez by Eva Longoria
The Desperate Housewives gets its inspiration from the French food and follow a traditional Mediterranean diet. Women who have olive skin, eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fatty fish, nuts, and green vegetables. Foods that are processed and preserved naturally big no no!


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