Monday, November 5, 2012

9 Simple Ways To Apply Lip Liner

Simple Ways To Apply Lip Liner

Apply Lip Liner
Apply Lip Liner
Beautiful Lips is the secret that faces appear brighter. One of the ways to form the lips so look more  beautiful, is to use a lip liner before applying lipstick. Because the lip liner very useful to shape the lips to look more full, and can prevent lipstick look messy.

Not accustomed to using lip liner?, Follow the tips below:
  1. If your lipstick color is sharp and striking, choose a color that matches lip liner lipstick.
  2. If you opt for pastel shades of lipstick, use natural color lip liner or lip color that suit.
  3. Avoid light colors combine to frame lip liner lipstick sharp. Or conversely, framed pastel lipstick with lip liner sharp colors.
  4. Soften the pencil sharpening first by the palm of the hand. A rounded tip will result in a natural and good.
  5. Enter a lip liner in the freezer for a while. This will make a lip liner formula freezes and easier to apply.
  6. Apply lip liner on the upper lip gently, do not be too pressured to color is not too firm. Start from the end of the lips towards the middle. Perform this step for the bottom lip.
  7. For you who want to get the effect of the thick lips, apply lip liner slightly outside the lip line. To effect thin lips, apply lip liner on the inside of the lip line.
  8. Apply lipstick with a brush evenly. Avoid wearing lipstick directly, because it will be more difficult to make lipstick look neat and durable.
  9. To make it look more evenly, use a lip liner with gloss finish. If you want a glossy lip effect. Brush a thin layer of powder, if you want a matte or soft edge effect.

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