Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 Ways to Stay Slim Without Diet and Sports

Stay Slim Without Diet and Sport

Stay Slim Without Diet and Sport
Stay Slim Without Diet and Sport
No need to go to the gym every day or diet like hell to keep your body ideal. Improving daily lifestyle such as getting breakfast, eat small meals and others will keep your body slim. Want to know the daily habits that can maintain weight without exercise? Consider the following tips:

1. Vegetable
Make sure half your meals filled with vegetables. Vegetables contain fiber and water that will facilitate digestion and keep your body weight.

2. Small portion
If you want to stay slim, always
eat in small portions. Nutritionist, recommends to always order the small size ... coffee, soup, or frozen yogurt.

3. Salad or Soup
Before getting to the main menu, do not forget to order a salad or a soup than a basket of bread or other. Salad and soup contains fewer calories but can fill the stomach, so you do not need to eat much when the main meal came out later.

4. Leave the Food
Before starting to eat, make it a habit to set aside a quarter of your meals. For the rest of your meal with friends or family when eating together.

5. Drink Lots of Water
Sometimes you do not realize if you are really hungry or just thirsty? For that, try drinking a glass of water every time you feel like eating something. You can also add lemon juice to taste and additional vitamins.

6. Avoid Eating when Watching TV
When watching a movie, it's fun when accompanied by a favorite snack. But without realizing it, you will continue to chew and hard to stop eating. If your stomach feels hungry while watching, grab a snack or eat a fiber-rich fruits.

7. Wheat
Eating foods that contain whole grains such as whole wheat bread, would be better than regular bread. Grain will make the stomach full longer, keeping blood sugar levels and give your body the vitamins and minerals. Unlike bread made ​​from wheat flour that will turn into fat if not burned immediately.

8. Breakfast
Before starting the daily activities, do not forget to have breakfast. Breakfast is useful for metabolic processes and also prevent you from consuming excess calories at night.

9. Start Exercise
Exercise is good for health and also keep the body shape. No need to always go to the gym to stay healthy, start with daily habits such as walking up and down stairs or at least 3 hours a week.

10. Avoid Eating By Sleep
Another way to maintain weight is to not eat before you sleep. Calories provide energy to the body, and you do not need the energy when sleeping.

11. Avoid Using Sugar Sachet
Enjoy coffee or tea will taste less sweet without sugar. But avoid using sugar packaging or sachet. Just one teaspoon of sugar if you want to add sweetness to your drink, or it can also replace sugar with honey or maple syrup.

12. Snack
Before going for a walk with the people closest to, make sure you eat something like fruit or vegetables so that the stomach does not feel empty. If you go with an empty stomach, you'll order more food than you need.


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