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Choosing Healthy Foods to Look Beautiful

Choose Foods That Help Maintain Your Beauty

Choosing Healthy Foods to Look Beautiful
Choosing Healthy Foods to Look Beautiful
Beautiful emitted from the face, in addition affected by the makeup and skin care products, is also greatly affected the food you consume. So, you want to pretty, to be considered is the diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To get your hair healthy, strong and shiny you can eat brown rice and wheat. Grain is believed to be rich in essential B vitamins, including biotin (B7) and is a good source of silica, which can reduce hair breakage and brittleness. Also zinc is an essential nutrient for the hair.

Dark circles under the eyes like panda eyes often irritating because femininity spoil facial appearance. Faces look unhealthy and tired. Causes of dark circles, supposedly influenced by heredity, anemia and poor blood circulation. To overcome this problem, inadequate intake of vitamins K and C, to help improve blood circulation and strengthens capillary walls. Expand also eat green vegetables like spinach.

You who have problems with dry skin and wrinkles, start to diligently fulfill the intake of foods containing vitamin E, such as nuts and seeds. Vitamin E can help maintain the skin's natural moisture and softness. Flax seeds and nuts Walnut reportedly gave the maximum benefit to the skin, as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that prevent dry skin.

Facial beauty also needs to be balanced with the appearance of healthy teeth and white. In addition to keeping the mouth healthy diligently brushing, flossing, and regular 6 month dental checkups to the dentist, you also have to be disciplined to avoid smoking and eating and drinking that can cause yellow teeth.

Yes, the best way to get natural beautiful face is back on a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, celery, and carrots are believed to help whiten teeth. The texture of these foods can help clean the teeth, removing bacteria and lifting stains in your teeth.

For those of you who have the problem of dry lips and cracked, immediately increase the food containing vitamin B contained in the yogurt and oats. These foods are also rich in zinc, which petrified overcome strep throat and chapped lips quickly.

If you have swelling under the eyes, you may experience fluid retention. Try to balance your food intake with the intake of sodium and potassium contained in the avocado. Healthy fatty acids which are also contained in it helps keep skin soft, supple and reduce inflammation.

Acne, who was annoyed at his appearance ruin the appearance of the face. No need to worry, overcome stubborn acne with garlic. Natural antibiotic contained in it is to clean the blood, boost immunity and antibacterial. Moreover Helpful against bacteria that cause acne, it also reduces swelling and inflammation.

Is your skin pale white as less healthy and less blood? It could be because you lack of iron or vitamin B12. To overcome this problem, improve nutrient intake by eating seafood like oysters that contain high levels of vitamin B12 and iron.

The problem is not just questioning facial beauty, but also healthy nails, research has shown that intake of biotin (vitamin B7) may help improve nail strength and reduce brittleness. Egg yolks are high in protein are believed to strengthen nails, and essential for healthy nail growth.


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