Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disguise Blemishes on Face

How to Cover Up Facial Blemishes

Disguise Blemishes on Face
Disguise Blemishes on Face

Confused disguise spots and acne blemishes? It had been put on concealer, but often become visible blemishes and cakey because oily skin. So, what to do?

Do not panic! From now on, try to use cream concealer and translucent powder simultaneously. Use a clean eye shadow brush to disguise spots and stains before. Start with a light wash, and repeat if necessary. However, make sure the stain completely covered, leaving no build up at all granular powder.

Concealer mixed with transparent powder is one trick reliably avoid the appearance of blemishes and cakey earlier. One more thing, when in the mirror, make sure the face gets adequate lighting. At least close to bright outdoor lighting.


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