Friday, November 16, 2012

Pencil Skirt, The 40s Style Make Women Sexy

How to Mix and match Pencil Skirt ?

Mix and match Pencil Skirt
Mix and match Pencil Skirt
Increasingly diverse fashion trends. The selection of clothes and colors become increasingly attractive for matching combined. Accessories and 40's era style was no less to improve the appearance.

Is a pencil skirt that could boom in the 40's era, now back revealing its existence to make a woman look sexier in a variety of occasions.

Find out how to match the different types of views that will make women look even more perfect.

Dare to play with color
Make your own personal style by combining three bright color palette all in one view for exciting action and stylish. Blue and red color is suitable for all types of skin tones so do not be afraid to buy clothes by the pallet.

For bags, you can combine items and solid colored clothing that contrasts with the color of your style more total.

Just a casual day
Pencil skirts can also be worn as casual events. The trick? Combined with graphic t-shirt, casual action can be achieved in an instant. In order to keep the body silhouette framed perfectly, be sure to insert the t-shirt into your skirt.

Create the 'wild' impression
Pencil skirt white palette will expose your lower body. For women silhouette body, match with a long jacket to cover the hips.

So that no wrong costume look, choose a leather jacket with a thin material loose models. Drop your choice on the clutch with chain detail to perfect your style.

Ready to work
The impression you can get through the neat pencil skirt, so that these items are properly used in the fashion office. Earn action combines minimalism with tinted beige pencil skirt with a shirt.

Ladies, for those of you who have a longer torso body cropped blazer as outwear is the right choice.

Real ready
Maximize your action with houndstooth patterned pencil skirt. In order to view does not seem tacky, avoid wearing tops and pretty patterned blouse with a blue palette such burning.

Small belt style more able to give effect instantly. The key is to choose a color that contrasts with the overall appearance. Complete the following styles with kitten heels for a convenience.

Give the impression edge
Mix and match different materials in one style will make you look more stylish, like cotton skirt combined with chiffon material at the top.

For those of you who have big calves, disguised by wearing a pencil skirt length below the knee. Not only that, you also add a statement belt to form a figure sexy and stylish in appearance.


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