Friday, January 18, 2013

Tricks Save Money When Eating at Restaurants

Here's the trick to saving money when eating in a restaurant

Tricks Save Money When Eating at Restaurants
Eating in restaurants is fun, especially if you go with close friends.
But, do not let the habit of eating at the restaurant makes a hole in your pocket.

Here's the trick to saving money when eating in a restaurant:

Avoid drinks

Soda, juice or other soft drinks will be sold at the restaurant is more expensive than elsewhere. You can bring mineral water stored in bottles to drink alone.

Frugality with lunch

Many restaurants are giving discounts to customers during these hours are not busy. However, if the fancy restaurants, usually they have a different special menu for lunch, with a cheaper price.

Book appetizer menu

Let's see first portion of the opening menu or appetizers, if the portion is large enough you can simply message this menu only. Appetizer menu prices are generally cheaper than the main menu.

Discount dinner

Get a discount even before you go to the restaurant. Check the web-site "deal" to get your daily local restaurant. You can also find out what restaurants are having a discount program through social networks, such as a 20% discount if you mention the name of the restaurant on Twitter.

Do not eat when you hungry

To get rid of the excess food, avoid eating at the restaurant when you are in a state of very hungry. When going to go eat at a restaurant, first fill your stomach at home with snacks or fruits.

Take advantage of credit card discount 

Usually credit cards have special deals for certain restaurants. Why not try to take advantage of discounts and select restaurants that offer great discounts.

May be useful!

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