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Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Draw Eyebrows, Appropriate To The Shape Of The Face

How to draw eyebrow
How to draw eyebrow
Oval Face 
Not difficult to get a suitable eyebrow shape, if you have an oval shaped face. Simply avoid flat eyebrow shape so glance of the eye does not look sleepy and lethargic. Draw horizontal eyebrows with a softer curve. This will give off a delicate and extremely female look to the oval face.

Solution: Using the technique of tweezing (with tweezers), eyebrow trimming to form a peak or peaks parallel to the eye. Do not forget, eyebrow color should be adjusted with the color of hair, so it looks harmonious.

I recommend, shapes and trim back your eyebrow once in two weeks. And adjust to the growth progress of eyebrow.

Square Face
Distinctively a broad forehead and jaw bones are misaligned, and has the form of a horizontal chin when a straight line drawn on the outside of the face.

Solution: In order to look slimmer face and chin look pointy, thin eyebrows made ​​form high angle (peak eyebrows raised) by threading techniques (threads). End of the eyebrow is also made longer with a size of about 45 degrees from the corner of the eye.

Eyebrow shape widens in front and lengthwise at the end so the face look slimmer

Tips : 

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit Set With Stencil
NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit
 Set With Stencil
  • The normal distance between the brow is aligned straight up from the nostrils.
  • Eyebrows should not be shaved with a knife, because it will leave dark spots caused by the roots of an uprooted hairs. We recommend, trim with tweezing techniques (tweezers) or threading (threads).
  • Use techniques waxing, if eyebrow shape is neat, for cleaning of the new feathers grow.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Makeup Application Step-by-Step

Makeup Application Step-by-Step

Step 1
Begin any makeup application with moisturized skin and conditioned lips
(find a facial moisturizer and a lip balm you love and use them religiously).
If you overdo it, simply blot the skin with tissue.
Review your face -- do you need more concealer or foundation? Here, you see a hard edge of foundation, with the rest blended out.
The true test of a color match comes when you start patting and blending it out.

Step 2
We put foundation over the eyelids; concealer under the eyes, and around the nostrils.

Step 3
We use powder to take away the shine but leave a healthy sheen -- just a bit on a large powder brush, swept around her entire face.

Step 4
Next: the "drop cloth" trick of depositing extra powder under the eyes to catch any eye makeup fallout.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Step by Step Applying Eye Shadow

Applying Eye Shadow

Although often wear eye shadow, not necessarily you apply it un-correctly. Though the use of eye shadow with precise and neat to be key in the formation of a perfect eye.

The following tips will teach you how to decorate your eyes with eye shadow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup

How To Apply Sequin Dotted Eye

Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup
Sequin Dotted Eye Makeup
There is a new alternative to beautify the appearance of your eyes. When you're tired of playing with the eyeshadow colors, or are you bored with eye makeup is always monotone, sequins could be your choice!.

By applying dotted color, you can look different from other women and become the center of attention. Choose colors that suit the time you use it, for example, at night choose the color gold, and for day or evening you can choose the calm color as light blue or pink.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fluttery Lashes

Fluttery Lashes Makeup

Fluttery Lashes Makeup
Fluttery Lashes Makeup
On the Runway Spring / Summer 2012, fluttery lashes makeup became a favorite among designers. It's so pretty! Fluttery lashes makeup effects is to make lashes look thicker, longer and chap up to make eyes look brighter. Want to try the look? Follow the these way :

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Makeup For Small Eyelids

Makeup For Small Eyelids

Makeup For Small Eyelids
Makeup For Small Eyelids
Small lidded eyes are the hallmark beauty of Asian women. Oriental eye shape and elongated narrow eyes can create a profile so unique and exotic faces. However, sometimes a bit difficult if you want to experiment with different types of eye makeup, especially the smoky eyes that require a large eyelid crease. Not a problem. Three easy and convenient trick here is the solution.

The Miracle of Scott For Oriental Eyes
  1. Generally, scott shaped coil on the market or already resembles eyelid crease. Adjust the length to cut it big and little. Glue with fingers or tweezers.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Want Colouring Eyebrows? Read This First!

Colouring Eyebrows
Colouring Eyebrows
As well as hair, eyebrows with color it looks stylish. And you not need to bother about paint eyebrows every day. Coloring eyebrows can also change the look of your face becomes more in character. However, you need to know, some of the problems that often occur in the coloring an eyebrows.

The problem that often occurs:
  • Wrong eyebrows color can make your face more messy.
  • Hair coloring is not intended to be smeared on the face. So, not necessarily fit applied to the area. The risk of allergy or irritation may increase, if your skin is quite sensitive. Eye skin is thinner and more sensitive, so the risk of irritation and allergy to occur, rather than on the scalp.
  • Just like hair coloring, eyebrow-dye can make eyebrow dry, dull, or even fall.
  • If not careful, the dye will be very dangerous when it enters the eye.
The Safe ways : 

NYX Eye Brow Shaper Wax
NYX Eye Brow Shaper Wax
  • Better to use dye eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil cosmetic kind of brand that is accountable. The materials used are usually medically approved.
  • If you still want to coloring the eyebrows, checks and tests the ingredient first. How?, apply a little substance behind the ear or inside of the forearm. If not raised red or itchy, then it may be safe to use.
  • Do it in a place that you really trust. When exposed to the eyes, immediately rinse with clean water repeatedly (using a pipette). If necessary, consult to your eye doctor.
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